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Off-Season Athlete online performance courses provide parents and athletes with easy to access, science based courses on Sports Nutrition, Training Techniques, Mental Strength and Rest. Our video-based courses are designed with the teen athlete in mind, providing them the information and tools they need to become their best.

Our current course offerings are:

How to Gain Weight for Teen Athletes

How to Gain Weight for Teen Athletes PLUS 2 Coaching Sessions

How to Gain Weight Online Course

Is your student athlete talented but lacking size or weight to rise to the top?

Maybe they’ve been bugging you to buy them this or that supplement or protein powder. Maybe they’ve been working out and not seeing any results..they may be getting stronger but the scale isn’t budging, or maybe it’s even going down. Maybe they’re being passed over for plays or positions because they just don’t have the physical presence of some of the other athletes their age. 

You want them to be happy and successful, but you don’t know who to trust when it comes to information. You don’t want to be following instructions or giving them supplements meant for an adult twice their age.

Information You Can Trust

Off-Season Athlete’s premier performance course, How to Gain Weight for Athletes, is your answer.

Many athletes want to gain weight but are making big mistakes in their eating that prevent them from reaching their goal. It’s not just a matter of eating a huge pizza or downing milkshakes. Eating like this will not get your athlete where they want to go, and certainly won’t serve their health in the future.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to get bigger AND healthier? That’s the ticket for optimal performance.

From years of sports nutrition counseling, registered dietitian and sports nutrition specialist Jenna Braddock has discovered the doable tactics that work time and time again to help athletes gain weight and keep it on. Weight Gain Strategies lays out the steps for how to gain weight the right way. It also supports the parents of athletes in teaching you how to help your athlete achieve their goals through food.

How Will I learn?

All modules are (short) video based and walk both teens and their parents through the steps of creating the right eating plan for weight gain success. Worksheets and exercises are included to guide you step by step.

  • 15 videos providing nearly 90 minutes of content.
  • Worksheets to guide you through the weight-gaining process.
  • Snack list download to give you ideas.
  • 1 year of access to the content for a single family.
  • Bonus materials of pre-game meal ideas, recipes to help feed your athlete and more!
  • Total value = $350

What Will I learn?

How to Gain Weight Outline:

  • How to Use this Course
  • How Much Weight Can & Should You Gain?
  • Why Eating Randomly Won’t Work
  • How to Create Your Personal Eating Rhythm
  • The Weekend Mistake
  • Meals Matter – Breakfast
  • Meal Matter – Lunch & Dinner
  • How to Feed Your Athlete Without Going Nuts
  • 3 Tips for Meals that Fuel Athletes…and the Rest of the Family too
  • Straight Talk about Vegetables
  • Crucial Snacks
  • Pre-Workout Fuel
  • Post-Workout Fuel
  • Power Boosters
  • Protein Supplements – Do you need one?
  • Bonus Materials

What Our Athletes and Coaches are Saying..

(This program) “Gave me good insight on how to eat throughout the day.” Yes, I would recommend this course to someone else. – Nathaniel from Florida, Football

“Since my (lacrosse) season started I’ve gained 4 pounds. And all muscle! You’re plan has helped me a lot. Thanks!” — Mia from Missouri, Lacrosse, 18

“I think this program will definitely be a great tool for high school athletes. I think you laid out a lot of the information high school kids need to hear and coming from a more qualified source is definitely a plus. The worksheets are good tools to get kids to work on the rhythm / organization and habit of eating (and preparing to eat) which I think is the heart of the issue for most kids.” — Coach K from Florida, Football Coach

Want even more individualised help?

Purchase the How to Gain Weight Course plus 2, one hour video coaching sessions with Jenna.