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There’s so much information available to teens these days. While most of it may be funny, interesting, and perhaps educational, when it comes to becoming a better athlete, you just can’t trust anyone or any website.

Where do you go when your child wants to gain weight for their sport for the first time? Or they want to weight train for the first time? Or they are struggling with performance anxiety around their sport?

As a coach, wouldn’t it help to have a trusted website to send your athletes to learn about nutrition, training, rest and more?

Whichever situation you find yourself in, you need science-based, experienced experts you can trust that provide answers anytime, anywhere because life is crazy busy.

Off-Season Athlete

Welcome to Off-Season Athlete.

If you’re here as an athlete, you might be searching for training help you can utilize anytime, anywhere.

If you’re a parent, you might want to give your athlete the tools to succeed that are flexible to your busy life and don’t break the bank.

If you’re a coach, this is the site you have been waiting for to help your athletes.

Who we are:

Off-Season Athlete was started by sports dietitian Jenna Braddock in 2017 because she saw that teen athletes (and their parents) were not getting the right, safe, and effective information for better performance. She also believes that sports performance training of any kind should be accessible to everyone.

From this passion, she started this online platform to provide sound performance courses to help more athletes. She assembled a team of other experienced coaches in family and performance counseling and strength and conditioning to provide more helpful content to readers.

Off-Season Athletes covers the topics of sports nutrition, physical training, mental training, & rest. Content is sometimes written directly to athletes, but also provides content specific to parents and coaches.

Learn more about our coaching staff on the OSA Coaches page.

What we offer:

OSA provides free content in blog posts here on this site to answer common questions related to sports performance. In addition, OSA coaches create fee-based courses for specific training goals to equip athletes and parents with the right information to improve performance. 

The first OSA course is called Weight Gain Strategies and walks athletes, parents and coaches (if applicable) through the proven steps for gaining weight in a healthy manner. Courses are video based and chunked in short segments to keep attention and hit home the most important strategies.

OSA also offers valuable free resources like 10 Pre-Game Meal Ideas. Click here to get this free resource.

Join the OSA Community:

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The mission of Off-Season Athlete is to provide easily accessible, science-based training information to maximize performance mentally, physically, and emotionally for teen athletes and their parents.