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Feel confident that you’re choosing the right fuel!

In a perfect world, you’d eat freshly-prepared meals made from whole foods that are loaded with nutrients and energy to fuel your workouts.

This is not a perfect world.

You need to know to choose the best foods for sports performance, whether you’re sitting in a drive-thru, standing in front of a vending machine, or simply grabbing a quick snack when you’re running to school or practice.

My free guide, 10 Pre-Game Meal Ideas, makes it easy for you to choose the right snacks or meals, even when you’re in a rush. You’ll learn the foods that you should avoid…and what you should gravitate toward. Plus, I’m throwing in a few extra sports nutrition tips to help you maximize your off-season so you can come back stronger and faster than ever next year.

What you put in your body can have a huge effect on how you perform, whether it’s at practice or at a game. Make sure you’re putting the right stuff in your body!

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About the Author: Jenna Braddock, MSH, RDN, CSSD, LD/N is a registered dietitian and a sports nutrition expert. She’s also a mom and the wife of a head football coach, so she knows what it’s like to have to find healthy meals to sustain athletes in a rush. Let her help you choose the best foods to put in your or your athlete’s body for maximum performance on the field or on the court!